Custom strategies for retirement needs

Custom strategies for retirement needs

Retirement strategies are not one-size-fits-all. We understand that retirees are typically seeking some individual combination of growth potential, income predictability and asset protection. So, we deliver retirement strategies that use one of the most comprehensive portfolios of annuities available.

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Global Atlantic helps your clients meet their retirement objectives with:

  • Traditional fixed annuities with simple designs and guaranteed fixed crediting rates
  • Fixed index annuities that offer the potential for higher interest crediting with optional income and accumulation benefits
  • Variable annuities with optional income and death benefit features
  • Long-term care hybrid annuity with the traditional benefits of a fixed annuity and enhanced value for qualified long-term care needs
  • 403(b) variable annuities for municipal and educational institution employee retirement needs

enGAge Builds Better Client Relationships

enGAge is a new way to help your clients make better sense of their retirement. Use enGAge to:

  • Educate on key retirement planning concepts
  • Ask more probing questions to better identify retirement needs
  • Illustrate how key strategies work through persona-based case studies

See how enGAge can complement your retirement planning processes—call us at (877) 454-4777