Let us help you protect your clients' retirement income from market volatility.

Since March 2009 when stocks bottomed out during the financial crisis, the S&P 500® has gone up 332%.1 This historic rebound currently stands as the longest bull run in history. On March 12, 2020, however, this bull market ended.

After over a decade of market growth, it’s easy to forget about any looming financial threats. But financial markets can quickly change.

When market conditions head south, will your current retirement strategy withstand the opposing market forces? Your answer will depend on several factors, including how you’re invested, your age, whether you’re still working, and if you’ve already started withdrawing money set aside for your retirement.

View the short videos below for a brief visual history of the market and alternatives built to help withstand its downturns.

1As of October 9, 2019

Chapter 1

Watch and share this two-minute video with your clients to help get a conversation started about any potential risk their retirement strategy may face. Watch Video

Chapter 2

Does market volatility give you motion sickness? Check out an alternative that can provide downside market protection! Watch Video

Chapter 3

Are you less than five years from retiring but still want growth? Discover an alternative growth potential strategy with no risk of negative market performance. Watch Video

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The historic bull market is over. Now what? Don’t panic. Download these useful guides to help your clients prepare for what comes next.